Message from the Company President

Pacific Steel MFG. is a specialized manufacturer of steel forgings, and we have an integrated production system that includes everything from steel making, forging and heat treatment to machining. For more than 75 years since our founding in 1938, we have cultivated superior technology and a wealth of experience. We have delivered various products for commercial power generating turbines to most heavy electric plant manufacturers involved in hydroelectric, thermal, or nuclear power generation and have earned a high level of confidence. These products include large valves that control extremely hot and high pressure steam, turbine rotors and generator shafts that rotate steadily at high speeds for extended periods of time under conditions of extreme heat and high pressure requiring a high level of quality for forged steel products, thick piping components, and flanges. Additionally, our brand of NT Rolls developed using our proprietary technology have been a longtime favorite of domestic and foreign steel manufacturing companies, including leading blast furnace manufacturers, for their superior durability as hot rolling rolls to manufacture so-called section steel products used in large amounts in infrastructure facilities such as railroads, bridges, skyscrapers and revetments. We are also competitive in terms of quality, price and delivery times when it comes to general steel forgings sought after by the industrial machinery industry. Together with our group companies, we will step up our efforts and continue to contribute to society by supplying distinctive, superior steel forgings.

HP掲載用 President & CEO Yuzuru Watanabe