Power generator components (Rotors)

Pacific Steel Mfg. manufactures turbine rotors used in power plants. Our turbine rotors undergo strict quality assurance using a heat stability testing machine, allowing us to have a high market share in the production of small- and medium-sized turbine rotors.


Brief description of turbine rotors

Steam turbine rotors in thermal power plants are required to be strong enough to endure harsh high-temperature and high-pressure environments (600 ℃, 25 MPa) while rotating at a high speed.
The recent increase in power-generation has involved the upsizing of turbine rotors, and higher precision products are required.

What is a turbine rotor?

A turbine rotor for power generators is a device that converts the kinetic energy and pressure energy of gas, steam, or water into rotational energy in an efficient manner. High precision and durability are required to endure the high-speed rotation under harsh conditions involving frequent starting and stopping.