Integrated production from steelmaking to machining Integrated production from steelmaking to machining

With facilities including 4,300-ton and 8,000-ton forging presses, Pacific Steel Mfg. carries out the entire production process from steelmaking to machining, to produce distinctive steel forgings using free forging.

Steel forgings play an important part in various fields, such as electric power,
iron and steel, ships, paper manufacturing, and industrial machinery.

8,000-ton forging press

Our Products

Flagship Products

Forged iron for Structure mill
(NT Rolls)

Our forged iron for Structure mill (NT Rolls), which were researched and developed based on original concepts, have long been earning us the immense trust of steelworks both within Japan and elsewhere.

Through special hot forging, we successfully enabled high carbon iron casting (which had conventionally been considered difficult to process), to have exceptional toughness, wear resistance, and resistance to cracking equivalent to that of steel while maintaining the chemical composition of cast iron.


About Us

As a member of the Pacific Metals Group, we handle materials and products with our main focus on stainless steel.

Super duplex stainless steels

We have developed super duplex stainless steels with improved pitting corrosion resistance and strength.

Manufacturing process

Our integrated production process from steelmaking to forging, heat treatment and machining can be viewed on video.